The Greek roots of Nostalgia means anguish for the motherland, home, and family and in general context, regret for the past or “wishing to remain in the past”.
In Nostalgia, we perceive signs which stimulate the unconscious mind for discovery.
These signs can be simple things like day to day events, colors or viewing photo albums.
By viewing the albums, time transition can be sensed. If we look at older photos, in subjects we see more strict gestures and self dramatization, and desire for eternity.
Freezing anything means effort to protect and maintain it against external factors.
The present collection was formed with this thought in mind that seemingly by freezing the photos, efforts were made by intensifying the people in the photos (which are all ancestors and kinfolks of the past) and memories of the past, to make them eternal.
It seems that by freezing the photos, the present people and time have also frozen.